Thursday, April 24, 2008

Few Essential Facts to Know about Bichon Frise Litter Training

Bichon Frise Litter box training is an excellent method to keep the house clean as well as to maintain the jovialness in your Bichon Frise. Bichon Frise puppies tend to relieve themselves 10-12 minutes after having their food, immediately waking up from their nap, or without more ado drinking water. Many puppies tend to urinate even after doing exercises, so it is your duty to help them to identify a specific location whenever possible with a useful Bichon Frise Litter box training.

Bichon Frise Litter box training is truly valuable for all the owners who have become old or handicapped. It is even perfect for the people who live in public housing or do work at home throughout the day. Bichon Frise Litter box training is not only beneficial for the owners, but also effective for the Bichon Frise since it comes to realize the appropriate time and area for its 'elimination'. Because Bichon Frise is truly intelligent, many Bichon Frise dogs feel uncomfortable and regress whenever they perceive that they have committed mistakes at the time of release in the wrong spots.

Preferably you should instigate Bichon Frise Litter box training when the Bichon is in its puppy age. Needless to say, you need to start with buying a litter box for your dog. In addition you should also purchase some litter and cleaning supplies. The bigger-sized cat litter box is ideal since you are able to customize it as needed, for example, taking away the top roof of the litter box. Dispirit the dog promptly, if you find it doing its 'elimination' in some other places than litter box. While discouraging your dog you must not hurt the dog physically. It can easily recognize the underlying meaning of your verbal cues.

Litter removal is not a complicated assignment to carry out. Admitted, that it is not a fun job though. During the removal of the litter, you simply unfilled the litter within a trash bag and scoop up the hard parts separately. You should be cautious at the time of disposing the hard parts throughout the toiletry pipes. Generally, Bichon Frise does not create much hard parts, so obstacles are not usually formed within the pipes. Truly for bigger ones you must take different measures.

Since the objective of Bichon Frise Litter box training is to enable Bichon Frise to utilize the specific litter box, so praising is important especially when the dog is using its litter box. You may use phrases like "Good Boy!", "My Baby!" etc in a sweet tone. Your consistency matters a lot, or the Bichon Frise may become overall confused, which eventually increases the training duration more than expected. You can maintain consistency in three given manners, such as encouraging dog to use specific location, the litter; prompt discouragement if the dog attempts to use wrong location and the unique positioning of the litter used.

During the Bichon Frise Litter box training, you must maintain an authoritative voice, while using an easygoing and secure tone. It should not be unkind or crude tone in any way. If you can do this, this will turn them to become unafraid about their action. Bichon Frise dogs have an inherent tendency to praise their owners, so they put their best effort in obeying you. The training may continue for eight to ten weeks and the dog will turn out to be familiar with the litter box in the absence of external supervision.

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