Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does Your Bichon Frise Have Allergies?

If you have a Bichon Frise, you certainly know how adorable this creature is, especially when it moves around you like a soft white 'angel' ball. You share so many things with your dog. However, not all shared things are good for your dog such as Bichon Frise allergies. There is a wide variety of factors like food, environmental pollutants, household chemicals, irritants that can cause allergies to Bichon Frise. It is the veterinarian who is able to diagnose the allergies.

The sensitive skin of Bichon Frise makes them highly vulnerable towards allergies. If these dogs are affected by fleas, they lack their liveliness and oomph. You can certainly prevent fleas by ensuring thorough bath for at least twice in a month. The dog needs to be groomed properly on a regular basis. Regular bathing and grooming are effective preventive measures in order to avoid getting fleas in their body.

If you find your dog scratching too much, you can assume this as a significant sign of Bichon Frise allergies. It also signifies that the dog has developed the allergy as a result of the chemical compounds available in the shampoo or they may have got infected with fleas or other pests residing within their hair. This is the reason why veterinarians always suggest the owners to brush their Bichon Frise regularly. But when they have already started itching, excessive brushing may damage their skin condition.

In the majority of the cases, veterinarians will suggest you the ways following which you can treat Bichon Frise allergies without intervening excessive medications. It may be as simple as changing the regular shampoo to a medicated one, as suggested by the veterinarian. However, not all the pet owners are really sensitive, since they always look for faster solution. In that case, veterinarians put the dog into steroid medication for resolving the issue quickest possible way.

Although there are certain Bichon Frise allergies that can only be treated using steroid medications, a prolonged and persistent administration without the proper guidance of veterinarians may lead to severe diseases such as Cushing's syndrome. This condition largely occurs due to the fact that the cortical balance is profoundly affected by the long-term usage of steroids. Since your Bichon Frise is precious to you, think twice before demanding for a 'quick fix' method.

Veterinarians usually suggest simple blood test in order to determine the root of the Bichon Frise allergies. When it is diagnosed, the veterinarians have to avail the serum exclusively made for the Bichon concerned. The owner can administer the serum injections to their dogs and in the majority of the cases, and it offers a great relief for the targeted dog. Remember, not to do 'doctor' to your dog. It is very important to discuss and follow the advices of the veterinarians. Don’t consider any commercialized products for 'quick relief', since it may bring critical negative effect for your dog.

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