Saturday, September 8, 2007

~Lets talk about my world of passions~

mmmmmmmm............... while talking about my passion, I really become wordless sometimes, because there are too many and it greatly changes over time....

I am most passionate about my living style. Oh yea, this is what I enjoy the most. I am basically a very introvert person by nature. I enjoy my aloneness (but hate and scared to feel lonely) most of the time in a day. I love to spend times with my thoughts. Yes, I am very passionate about my thoughts.

Likewise every other creative beings around the universe, I am also blessed by divergent thinking pattern. However, sometimes I also believe that this 'divergent thinking pattern' is also somehow responsible for causing so many problems in my life. Yes, I am right. This is true to some extent.

If I was not so divergent in my thinking pattern, it may allow me to concentrate in one or two aspects in my life, whereas, being so much divergent in nature, it leads me to get involved in so many things in life, but never be consistent on any of them, truly.

Well, I am not saying that this is common for every creatives, in fact, most of the cases, the opposite is true. But I do belong to that unfortunate category, who messed up badly because of their divergence.

But divergence also allows me to taste so many things in this beautiful world. It allows me to get involved into so many professions which are truly individualised in nature compared to the other. Honestly, in each of the fields I excel from a beginner to the advanced level worker.

So I started with my passion. It is ofcourse to do something aligned with my dreams. So, what are my dreams??? Oh my Lord!! There are so many...;let me list them up for you...hope you don't mind -

1. To earn tonz of money (wanna b a multibillionaire one day, may be within few years :D)
2. To support Tony da in Faith Foundation
3. To set up my own social service organization for aged
4. To set up my own boutique business
5. To set up various LSE measures for people under marginalised level
6. There are too many, may be I am little over-crowded with so many thoughts of mine, so I will keep posting about it in time

Well, as you can guess, the bottom-line is ofcourse earning money. Only if I could be able to earn money, it will help me to fulfill my passions and my dreams in near future. But, the question is how to earn money? Or rather I can say, how do I earn money? hmmm..... well, let's scroll to the next post. Cheers!

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