Saturday, September 8, 2007

~How do I earn money?~

Honestly, I am a struggler who wants Internet to click for her, like it did to millions around the world. My expectation is not so high right now, well, if I earn $450-$500 USD per month, I will be happy, at least for now.

Since, last November, 2006, I have started my online career as a freelance writer. I did academic as well as non-academic writings. Apart from that, I joined kasamba as one of their expert. I also joined as one of their expert as well, however, not continued any longer.

I earned quite a good amount as an academic writer. I was working under an individual who is actually registered as a writer in different sites and he used to outsource me the works. I didn't consider the online career that time too seriously, though I worked harder. But as I was not so serious, my aspiration level to find out or to apply in newer sector was not so satisfactory even. That time, I also got offer from where I used to work as a paid writer. But as blurtit grows, they close the paid writer position in the organization.

Now, I am working as a SEO writer under an individual. The payment is not so good though. Meanwhile, I got offer from an academic writing website. Lets see what is there in my future.

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