Friday, September 7, 2007

~My Introduction to Virtual World~

Well, now the time has come when I can discuss something personal. But, before I start, I must tell you the style of writing here will be very informal in nature, which you may find truly different from those documentations uploader so far.

Ok, so lets me start simply. I am Sudipa, full name is Sudipa Sarkar. I got married 9 months back (29th December, 2006) with the most beautiful person under the sky. I love you sona, I love you dearly.

There were lots of attempts so far that I did while trying to establish a solid virtual portfolio for me, but nothing clicked as such. The primary reason is of course my insufficient willingness, lack of dedication, but also a tight schedule contributes a lot negatively.

Since last November, 2006, I started my writing career officially. It was indeed a wonderful moment in my life. I was gradually coming out from a rotten life and relationship where I had lost almost every connection with myself and my surroundings. Meanwhile, I introduced with the most desired human of this beautiful world, that is, my husband, and also I got offer from two individuals from this virtual world. One offered me to write about anything I want to frame. She was from UK. The another one is from USA, he wanted me to write academic articles. He is actually registered as a writer into different sites which provide support students in their academic papers and I am working under him.

Honestly, the writing career is something for me to get hope and strength that were extremely needed especially in that time. It is true that English was never my major or studying literature was not at all my preference in any span of my life (expect few exceptions), but I love Physics followed by Psychology, which is my major in Masters Degree course and expected to be the major influencer in rest of my life. I love writing articles, specially academic ones, that focus on psychology and different psychological aspects along with interdisciplinary fields like philosophy, biology, physiology, sociology, education and many others.

It is not like that I am onto academic sector only, but I have also written several pieces based on keyword based writing or SEO writing. And truly, I enjoy both types of writing.

So, the journey is still continuing and my struggle for existence is still there. I am trying hard to get my platform as an established writer in this virtual world. But sometimes, I feel really frustrated as I do not have any good guide around me; though I am very optimistic and I have a very strong positive outlook towards life, so I am quite sure something must come up on my way very soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

With warm regards,


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