Friday, October 19, 2007

Essential steps of creativity

Creativity is defined as a process which allows an individual to come out with new innovative ideas along with solutions to a problem. The solution to a problem may be divergent or convergent in nature depending on the thinking style and problem-solving strategy of an individual. It may involve the following stages, though it must be remembered those are not exclusive and not to be followed in order:

Step 1: To clearly identify the problem along with the objective and the obstacles to pursue them.

Step 2: Build knowledge and gather relevant information.

Step 3: Brainstorm – evaluation of ideas without getting into details.

Step 4: Apply logic to isolate related from non-related one.

Step 5: Evaluate ideas and record relevant ideas considering problem.

Step 6: Put some new ideas again and cross-check for the better one.

Step 7: Control and alter ideas by changing variables and assumptions

Step 8: Look at ideas from third-person perspective and and also in different time and space (if required), may be it will work more better.

Step 9: Clear your mind for a while. Let your brain and imagination have some conscious rest, so that the mind can work better on your problem at the unconscious level.

Step 10: You surely enjoy the ‘Aha Phenomenon’, where a sudden radical solution to your problem will appear in your mind. But remember, till yet, no one can define the period. It may take from few seconds to long decades even.

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