Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nature-Nurture Debate

Nature-nurture debate is one of the most important debates in current century, which is concerned with the development of an entity. Nativists see development as arising from inherited factors, genetic structuring for example, whereas, and empiricists consider the environmental factors most important in development.

Nature-nurture debate has crossed a significant psychological journey by emphasizing their corresponding role in the development, whereas, a more acceptable theory is about, interactionists, who claim that, it is through interaction of gene and environment, the development is possible. There is a very few factors which can solely isolated under the shade of any one of them. For examples, we can say language is predominantly nurture factor, whereas, blood type is predominantly nature factor, but more importantly, height is an interactive factor.

Therefore it is quite evident, that we can’t ignore any one by emphasizing the impact of only the other one, rather it can be said that the two sources are interconnected, do not work as opposing alternatives – so the interactive part among them should be considered as the focal point of interest.

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