Thursday, October 18, 2007

Character Education

This is true that schools are not just for making ‘smart’ kids, their responsibilities may extend more than that – to make a child to a human being. The entity that we carry as human is sometimes not going with us in true sense, proving ourselves to be involved in various destructive negative activities that is harmful to our own self and thus eventually harmful to the society.

Character education describes a moral course where students are encouraged, inspired and conditioned to achieve values, compassion, empathy, etc through enhancing their positive qualities. It is observed in controlled research group that by doing so also provides a significant rise in the area of cognitive, emotional as well as behavioral development resulting a significant change in decision-making style, problem-solving ability, policy making etc. But research also indicates that this type of education must not be induced in superficial level as this may cause opposite reaction. Rather the students must be encouraged to know the feelings to be good by considering and assessing their conflicts and resolution in life.

The chaotic situation in today’s world, especially for young generation, character education seems to have a great importance if promoted carefully.

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