Sunday, September 9, 2007

About Faith Foundation

Faith Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organization. It is located in Kolkata, India. Below, you will get the detailed information to reach at this place.

Faith Foundation aims at providing its genuine nobel service to those unfortunate individuals of the society who are suffering from the problem of addiction. In its original essence, Faith Foundation and every member attacher to this organization is working hard every moment to make this place a worthy place for treatment.

The current success rate is more than 10%, which is quite high compared to the relapse rate (99.99%) in Kolkata and India. At, Faith Foundation, everyone is a true believer of honesty, integrity, co-operation, discipline and dedication. These are the mantras to grow in time.

Faith Foundation is still in its infancy, and to be very honest, it wants to maintain their childish innocence. The main thing that must strike your mind as you reach here is the sense of freedom in everyone's face. Unlike any other exitsting organization, especially in local base, the clients here are not forced to obey, rather they are aligned to obedience.

"This is not my organization, this is yours and yours and yours too", said by Tony da many of the time while interacting with clients there. He pays the value, he deals the client with respect and dignity, he provides utmost flexibility to the clients. Above all, there is no such lock-n-key. So it's a very rare occassion when some clients really need to escape. In fact, they are free to leave whenever they wish so. But it is also rare that a client wishes to leave before time comes in Faith Foundation.

I personally wonder how this man is doing so many things in his centre while he is not getting enough funds for it even. "May be God is doing it", answered by Tony da while I expressed my confusion to him. Yes, this is true and he never claims that he is doing anything from his own pocket, but if you visit this place, you will also be surprised to see how an ideal centre runs so smoothly.

Interested for a visit? Note down the following address:

Email: faith [dot] foundation [at] yahoo [dot] com

Website: coming soon

Phone: +91-33-32942277

Mobile: 9830315575 (Tony Gill), 9883049860 (Saikat)

Address: coming soon

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