Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Birth of Faith Foundation

Ok, so today we are going to know about Faith Foundation. It is headed by Mr. Tejender Paul Singh Gill (famously known as Tony da), the Honorary Secretary and the heart of the organization.

I could remember those days when I had just come back after such a bad experience in Genesis Foundation and I was trying to recover myself from those bitter moments that I experienced there, Tony da used to come at my place and we shared so many thoughts about an ideal rehabilitation centre.

Actually, I met Tony da in Genesis Foundation, but I was reintroduced to him in my first workshop. That time, there was no Faith Foundation. That time was a fun time really, sometimes we both tried to verify each other's authentication, again sometimes we shared so many passions related to an ideal detoxification-cum-rehabilitation centre.

I didn't have any job that time in my hand and I was absolutely penniless. By that time, I was also suffering quite a lot due to my personal relationship. I had nothing to hold for a support. The only thing I had was my dream and the only strength I had was to keep my dreams alive.

Time took its shape gradually. Tony da opened Faith Foundation. I joined there as a counselor. But, from the very beginning, I decided one thing that I will be never attached to Faith Foundation in monetary terms. This is the place where I am seeing my dreams to grow each and every moment, how can I charge for my dreams to grow? Honestly, when I didn't have any single penny, I keep walking to some distance, but I never took a single rupee from Faith Foundation.

May be, it was also loved by God. So he awarded me with two beautigul relationships. One is of course my husband, Saikat, whom I met in Tony da's centre, the second one is my virtual relation to online job world. Both of these two relationships I found really worthy for me. Thank you God.

Keep coming.

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