Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Camping First Aid Kits Are Important

When you are heading towards your campsite, there are few essential requisites that you simply can not avoid. Camping first aid kits are one of them. Wherever you destine for your campsite, you must not forget to take your camping first aid kits with you. Camping first aid kits can serve you when you are in emergency and need basic medical support.

The content of the camping first aid kits largely vary depending on various types of camping activities. There are many standard companies such as Coleman that specializes and designs their first aid kits for different types of activities, for instance, you can use Coleman survival kit for your base camp. Typically, a small first aid kit with essential contents is enough for a daypack.

Camping first aid kits are as important as other camping accessories, sometimes even more than any other accessories. So, it is important to check the supplies inside your camping first aid kits before leaving for any outdoor activities. You must take care to adjust the amount of the medical supplies within the box, depending on the number of campers in your group.

General Protection

Since outdoors pose a wide variety of threats like snake and insect biting, scratches and scrapes, wounds occurred as a result of extensive hiking, and few others, you need general protection for your health. If you are having asthma, you must not miss carrying camping first aid kits, since these kits contain life-saving drugs like inhaler, which is inevitably required during emergency.

Carriers for Kits

While making your camping first aid kits, you can consider different carriers for keeping the medicated stuffs. You can use a small duffle sack, a cosmetic box, or a rubber bottle with a lid over it. Apart from that, you can also use fishing tackle boxes in order to prepare your camping first aid kits. If you buy the entire kits, you can obtain the supplies within a pre-designed pack.

Essential Contents

There are few basic contents that are essential for camping first aid kits. These are adhesive bandages, compress bandages, gauze pads, first aid tape, antibiotic pills and ointment, aspirin, oral thermometer without mercury or glass, medical gloves, instant cold compress, inhaler, emergency blanket, and scissors.

Additional Supplements

Many campers recommend keeping additional supplements in the camping first aid kits such as water purifying pills, insects and bugs repellant, Aloe Vera gel or lotion, eye patch, burn relief spray, pain relief ointment, various medicines for common health problems like stomach upset, headaches, flue, cough and colds. Additional supplements are essential if you have specific type of health complications like chronic bronchitis.

Enjoy your trip with a safeguard. Don’t ever forget to pack your first aid kits with you before you leave for your camping.

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