Thursday, April 24, 2008

Camping Knives: An Essential Gear for Camping

Knives have great significance in human history of hunting and outdoor activities. Aligned to this historical fact, camping knives are designed specifically to meet the camping needs. Knives can offer different types of solutions, since knives can be used as weapons, equipments and cooking appliances. The use of the knives is typically unisexual, which means both the genders can take the benefit of knives in different situations.

When you are planning for a camping trip, quite obviously you have to care buying or collecting several camping gears, so that your trip could be trouble-free, exciting and pleasant. Without the help of different camping gears, you can not possibly enjoy all the funs of a camping trip. Likewise many other essential camping gears, camping knives are vital for the success of the camping trip. The manufacturers design various types of camping knives used for a wide array of purposes.

For Survival

There are different types of camping knives available in the marketplace. You can buy survival knives especially when you are planning to head for wild camping. As its name suggests, survival camping knives are used in emergency and survival conditions. These types of knives are designed with a long, strong blade and they are portable in nature. Typically survival camping knives have saw like teeth at any one side of the long blade. There are ongoing debates on the appropriate length of the blade of the survival knives.

As Kitchen Appliances

When you are on a camping, you may like to use chef's knives. Typically, when you shop from any standard camping gear retailers, you will be offered with varieties of camping knives pack, which includes all the necessary knives, forks and spoons. In most of the cases, the camping knives designed exclusively for kitchen purpose are made up of stainless steel. Hence these knives generally do not get much affected by the changing weather or humidity in the air.

Fixed Blade & Folding Knives

As their name suggests, fixed blade camping knives contain one blade fixed in front of a holder. Typically survival knives are fixed blade knives. These types of knives are kept inside the boot and used to defend during any emergency situations. On the other hand, folding knives are designed for multi-purpose uses. These knives house more than one tool in a pack. All of them are very small in size and can be easily fitted into a pocket. Generally, the blade of the fixed blade knives is lengthier than the blades of the folding knives.

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