Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Residential Alcohol Treatment in California: An Overview

Residential alcohol treatment centers offer the user-friendly facilities and are customized in accordance with the client's needs. In California, residential alcohol treatment centers are abundant. Many of them offer the opportunity to accommodate their patients in an encouraging environment in which they receive continuous support and guidance from the staff.

In this article, we will reflect over four residential alcohol treatment centers in California.

Azure Acres

Azure Acres offers residential drug and alcohol treatment program in California. It is located in Sebastopol. The Azure Acres' residential alcohol treatment in California offers the guidance, education and support required for making positive changes towards recovery. The organization puts emphasis over group foundation as the major criteria to meet the challenge of recovery.

In addition, Azure Acres offers individual counseling, educational forums, group therapy, relapse prevention program, meditation, yoga, and recreational activities. The organization also encourages their patients to participate in 12-Step program and group dynamics. The notion of cultural philosophy and treatment planning plan are also integral factor of treatment module.

Beacon House

It is located in Monterey Bay, California. The residential alcohol treatment program in Beacon House offers a 28 days long treatment facility designed for adult men and women. Those who enrolled into the residential program participate in input classes and therapeutic duty assignments. They also attend individual counseling session and 12-Step meeting daily.

In addition, Beacon House facilitates After Care program where the participants have the opportunity to receive lifetime support. A healthy recovery and balanced lifestyle with the relapse prevention plan is the objective of the residential program.

Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour is a private treatment center located in Fresno, California. The Residential alcohol treatment program of Eleventh Hour is a 28 day treatment program facilitating process group structure, educational module, relapse prevention planning and individualized recovery program. In addition, this center also facilitates 12-Step program and family sessions.

Inland Valley Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services (IVRS)

IVRS, located in Upland, California, offers unique residential alcohol treatment program for women. The center facilitates treatment component integrating an option in which children are able to accompany their mother during treatment. On the basis of increasing number of premature discharge, the organization accommodates this facility in their program.

In their holistic approach, IVRS puts its best effort in evaluating children's need for specialized services or counseling. At present, the residential program for women targets for 3 years and $1,000,000 Capital Campaign. The program aims for a rapid growth.

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