Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Treatment

Until recently, there was no curable treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome and typically the pervasiveness of physical and mental disabilities persist for lifetime. For heart complications, it needs surgical interventions. The learning behavior of the child can be modified, to some extent, with the help of special education. However, very recently researchers claim that they are on the threshold of designing an effective treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome for the unborn child who is at high risk for developing this syndrome due to the mother's alcohol intake during pregnancy.

The First Successful Experiment

The researchers have conducted their experiment with mouse embryos. During that experiment, the researchers find out a specific chemical component that blocks the function leading to develop fetal alcohol syndrome. Paradoxically, this component, referred to as long-chain alcohol 1-octanol, is characterized the prevention mechanism over the function triggered by short-chain or beverage alcohol. The new research findings suggest that a pharmaceutical treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome can be developed for the unborn fetus which will help in blocking abnormal cell growth and fetal cell death, hence preventing the damages to the growing fetus.

Alternatively it can be said that this pharmaceutical treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome will allow the mother to continue their drinking during pregnancy. According to the available research data, it has been found that scientists put their best effort in finding solution for fetal alcohol syndrome for last 20 years long. As claimed and declared by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, this scientific invention on mouse embryo certainly shows a new hope in developing treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome with a promise that fetus is acquiescent to treatment.

Other Studies

As the researchers around the world are increasingly concerned about the treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome, a huge number of scientists are putting their best effort in identifying different solution, however, focusing over the same complexities. While the study mentioned above focus on the employment of preventive issue for the fetus, many studies focus on identifying solution for children suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. Very recently, scientists affirm that fetal alcohol syndrome and attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) are not complementing each other. In fact, these two conditions are distinct in terms of their behavioral and emotional presentations and interaction. This notion actually reconfirms why the drugs like Ritalin works good for ADHD, while not for children with fetal alcohol syndrome.

In recent days, more and more studies are focusing on underlying mechanism as well as overt behavioral and emotional changes. Many of these studies center their attention on finding solution for individual components such as learning and propose treatment plan for fetal alcohol syndrome with a promise for successful prevention of health complications.

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