Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Overview of Residential Alcohol Treatment

In recent times, nearly 14 million Americans are suffering from alcohol related problems. As supported by American Psychological Association, it is hypothesized that these individuals are suffering from a disease, referred to as alcohol dependence disorder. There are a multitude of alcohol treatment centers distributed around the nation. These centers offer help in treating the patients with alcohol dependence problem.

Types of Centers

Alcohol treatment centers facilitate a wide range of approaches in order to offer help to the victims by recognizing and evaluating the complications. The most common types of alcohol treatment centers include outpatient, inpatient, short-term and residential alcohol treatment approaches. Many patients prefer residential alcohol treatment approach since the patients are allowed to continue in a favorable environment with continuous assistance and supervision from staff.


The duration of residential alcohol treatment program generally varies in length, ranging from 30 days to a couple of months. In some cases, it may even extend up to a year or so. Generally the average length of stay comprises of six to eight months. In the residential alcohol treatment, the treatment plan is usually designed on basis of client's individualized needs.

General Structure

Generally, the residential alcohol treatment programs facilitate their patients sober living residences in order to assist them in overcoming their addiction problem in a structured and supportive environment. Similar to the conventional mode of treatment, these programs also include psychotherapeutic intervention, pharmacological intervention, counseling accompanied by throughout-the-day supervision.

Typically, the program is structured to include a whole host of components such as assessment, individualized treatment strategies, weekly goal setting, life skills education, anger management, spiritual life enhancement, family support groups, recreation therapy, relapse prevention and recovery skills, and aftercare.


The availability of residential alcohol treatment program is quite abundant in the United States. Alice's Wonderland Residential Treatment Center for Women (AWRTCW) is a center offering residential alcohol treatment facilities exclusively to women. It is located in Arizona. Apart from that, New Found Life Residential Treatment Center, Spencer Recovery Center, Choices Residential Treatment are just to name a few.

Other Relevant Information

Not all but many residential alcohol treatment centers also facilitate special programs for patients with different critical disorders such as HIV/AIDS, seniors or older adults, or criminal justice clients. The payment, in most of the cases, can be made by either self payment or through private health insurance. The range of payment may vary between $800 and $3000 per month.

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