Wednesday, April 23, 2008

12-Steps: An Alternative Treatment Approach for Alcohol-Related Problems

12-Steps program is probably the most-known alternative alcohol treatment approach available today worldwide. It is an approach to recovery from any obsessive-compulsive behavioral problems including drug and alcohol addiction. Originally proposed as a fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for facilitating a recovery from alcoholism, 'The 12 Steps' program was published in The Big Book for the first time in 1939.

History of the Program

In 1935, the first 12-Step program was developed by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. Both of them used to be serious abusers of alcohol. These two individuals founded the tradition within the 'anonymous' 12-Step programs incorporating only first names. In the year 1953, AA allowed Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to incorporate the Traditions and Steps. However, both of the groups are focused with a purpose of delivering the spiritual messages to the sufferers.

The significance of this alternative alcohol treatment offers benefits primarily from three angles. In this article, we will critically explore these three angles.

The Course of Spiritual Enlightenment

The 12-Steps alternative alcohol treatment approach considers the human structure as a combination of three interrelated dimensions – physical, mental and spiritual. This alternative alcohol treatment program facilitates an understanding where self-centeredness is substituted with an increasing moral consciousness and motivation for self-sacrifice and selfless productive action, this condition is referred to as spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

The Sense of Identification

This is an important phenomenon found among fellow members following this alternative alcohol treatment program. It is the sense of identification that ascertains the success of the program for so long decades. Due to their sense of identification with a common goal for staying sober the newly recovering addicts are provided with all the necessary support concerning health, advice and support for psychological conflicts and stresses. The sponsor helps the newly recovering addicts to set their goals. They also aid in assisting when the newly recovering addicts experience the moment of relapse or psychological crisis.

Positive Changes in Lifestyle

The 12-Step alternative alcohol treatment program offers a sense of belongingness that is vitally important for the newly recovering addicts. It is common to see that the addicts lost all their good contacts in life since they are so much succumbed in their addictive behavior and lifestyle. 12-Step program facilitates a fellowshipping environment where the addicts are accommodated with same-minded individuals and become able to share their innermost feelings through self-help group dynamics. Being an integral part of an effective alternative alcohol treatment plan, the fellowships welcome new associates and promote unique recreational patterns.

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