Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Protect Your Cell Phone Records

Your last month cell phone records show that you ordered hamburger every night for a week, you called up in social service organization repeatedly as an anonymous intruder, you verified your voicemail 30 times in a day simply because you would like to check if you have received any specific call.

Odds are there that you, like many other cell phone users, believe that your cell phone records are confidential. Even though increasing legal conflicts, information agents consistently provide the name and other details associated with a specific cell phone number, other phone number along with the full details of incoming and outgoing calls.

The Complexities

There are different websites which provide cell phone records against a nominal charge, say about USD 100 or more. It is assumed that the agents of these websites use a special technique known as pre-texting in order to receive the cell phone records. While obtaining the cell phone records, these agents pretend to be a customer asking the phone statements from the users.

In such cases, the agents ask the users to email or fax their personal details. This illegitimately obtained information can be truly discomforting to the cell phone users. In few cases, it can be life threatening including abduction, burglary, etc. Due to this illegal activity, you could turn out to be a victim of stalking.

Useful Tips

If you really care about protecting your cell phone records, here are few useful tips that you can follow to protect the same. You must speak to your cell phone carrier and appeal to remove your call details from the monthly bills. This will certainly help your details not to get disclosed illegitimately whenever your bills are accessed.

You must request your cell phone carrier to deactivate the online access of your account. This is one of the common methods that the information brokers use. They intrudingly access the online account of the users, even when the customers do not have much idea about its existence or they never ask it to activate.

You must make your account password protected. While creating your password, use something unusual and not readily guessable like birth date, driving license number, social security number, anniversary date, mother's maiden name, etc. These are easy to guess. It is best not to use the same password elsewhere. The password needs to be alpha-numeric for ensuring higher degree of protection.

You must appeal to your cell phone carrier not to set any reminder question, in case you forget your actual password. In majority of the cases, the cell phone carriers set a reminder question, which helps to retrieve the password against the verification of few supplied information, such as zip code or last digit of bank account number. Don’t activate this facility. In case you forget, you need to visit your local store to refurbish your account by submitting valid identification proof.

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