Thursday, April 24, 2008

Few Notes on Cell Phone Booster

It has been for the last few years, the concept of cell phone booster is on rise. Although there is a strong debate regarding the effectiveness of this wonder gadget, ideally a cell phone booster is used to enhance RF waves in order to make them stronger for a better communication. While the advocates of the service of cell phone booster claim that the booster has the power to increase the signaling strength both at reception and transmission ends, the skeptics argue that the entire installation process is simply so complicated that one can not verify and compare the signaling strength between pre and post-installation phases.

Challenging Questions

Although the manufacturers of cell phone booster claim that it significantly enhances the range of the signals, it has been noticed that the cell phone booster needs to be attached to the cell phone in order to work properly. The installation and removal process is a daunting task, so it is really difficult to point out whether the phone works better before installing the cell phone booster or not. Another important question comes under consideration with the perceived sound quality. Since sound quality is comparatively an objective measure, which may significantly vary from person to person, it is tough to define the exact difference of perceived sound quality.

Interpretation of the Common Claims

It somehow seems like a hoax that a simple sticker attached to a cell phone can boost up the signaling system of the cell phone with an improved RF waves. If this is so, it is again very unusual that the cell phone manufacturers are not doing it by themselves. With this boosting sticker, the only one instruction is available to the users, which says that you have to place it beneath the battery. This is quite vague since it can be virtually a wide number of placements depending on the way you are handling your cell phone.

Quite surprisingly, but the cell phone booster is not actually attached the cell phone, and the irony of the system lies with the illustration of the cell phone booster that depicts a metallic arrow as same as the antenna itself. The skeptics raise question whether the arrow itself has a say on the decoding of RF waves. Additionally, the illustration instruction also includes an 'up-side' note, so by all accounts this might imply if somebody lies down on his couch by holding the phone up-side, it may not work, which is truly confusing. On the other hand, if they say that the RF signaling has an up-side direction, this, nonetheless to say, has no meaning.

Hence the functionality and effectiveness of cell phone booster is truly doubtful. Many people do not keep their faith on these stickers since they do not consider them as convincing. However, still cell phone booster is available in the marketplace and an increasing number of people actually count on them. This article is solely based on individualized opinion. So better be wise while you are going to purchase such gadget.

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