Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to Breed a Beagle

The first and foremost important factor of beagle breeding is to consider the ideal pair of the beagles you are planning to breed. The inherent qualities of a beagle and the combinations of those qualities with its partner determine the physical and emotional characteristics of the offspring. It is the duty of a qualified breeder to analyze the characteristics of the potential partners and to predict the possible strengths and weaknesses of the offspring.

The final decision of the beagle breeding is largely influenced by the potential outcome. Depending on the possible outcome, the breeder decides whether the inbreeding is more preferable to line breeding or cross breeding practice. For instance, if you consider breeding between two beagles who are healthy but anxious and nervous, you will very likely end up having healthy but anxious offspring. On the other hand, two beagles with normal temperament and outstanding coloring may give birth to beagle with brilliant colors.

Although it seems like mating with partners and obviously a natural process, in practice it is not an easy-to-do job. In fact, you have to take care of many crucial factors including age, season, care and many others. To have healthy and desired characters in the offspring, you must be enough careful while selecting the potential mate for your beagle. In practice, many people do not bother about the qualities of the hound. Even they do not bother much whether it has the appropriate hunting abilities or not, although it is not appreciated in professional terms.

March and April are two ideal seasons for beagle breeding when the birth is not only safe but comfortable too for the bitch and the babies. Winter is not so harsh and warm breezes are flowing around to welcome the baby beagles for playing outside. Mother is always important for raising and nourishing her babies, so while choosing the female parent you must not miss considering few important attributes such as physical condition, medical history, etc. It is always advisable that you should only consider the hound with neither nervous nor aggressive personality traits.

Beagle breeding demands professional expertise and knowledge. An experienced breeder is always aware of how to produce the superior offspring from two beagles into the litter. By analyzing different characteristics of the mating beagles including their color and temperament, an experienced breeder is able to predict the possible features of the offspring with confidence. So, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about beagle breeding, it is better for you to count on professional breeder who will definitely help you to find out the ideal match for your beagle.

It is necessary to do thorough research while searching for potential breeder for your beagles; otherwise it is very likely that you will end up with a great trouble to the little of pups with different ailments. You should pay enough attention while searching for the breeder because it is the most vital stage which will utterly influence the final output.

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