Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beagle Breeding

When you have made up your mind about breeding your beagle, the first thing you should consider about the quality of the beagle of the opposite sex. In fact, particular traits in a beagle can aid in breeding strengthened or weakened offspring. At the time of beagle breeding, professional breeders sincerely take the strengths and weaknesses of the beagle into account. During their analysis, it is determined which pair of beagles can produce superior offspring.

Although the advisability of inbreeding contrasts the idea of line breeding or cross breeding, the ultimate decision depends on the potential result. For example, consider you have two healthy beagles of opposite sex from the same litter and both of them are anxious and nervous. If you make a breeding between them, it is likely to produce beagle which is healthy but nervous in character. At the same time, if you breed among two beagles having even temperament and exceptional coloring, you will probably end up having offspring with exceptional coloring.
Beagle breeding is a crucial process and you have to take care of many important factors such as age, season, nourishment and many others. One should put great attention while selecting the partners. Typically it is not encouraged to breed from any hound which has no apparent activity in hunting area. The perfect months of giving the birth is March and April. It is mainly because by that time the winter is away and when the pups become able to go outside, they will be welcomed with the warmth of summer sun. Bitch of very young age is not a good choice, because it increases the risk of pregnancy complications.
It is important to decide more sensibly while you are selecting the female parent. Bitch plays more vital roles, ranging from nurturing the developing pups within the body to giving birth to them and then offering sufficient milk, care and affection so that they can develop nicely. Hence, you must consider a couple of factors while choosing the bitch including her current physical condition, medical history, etc. On the other hand, you should not consider hound with nervous or aggressive personality traits at the time of beagle breeding.

Typically beagle breeding is a scientific process in which you must be enough careful about a great variety of factors including age, season, care, and many others. In order to have a healthy beagle with appropriate temperament, you need to select ideal pairs. The selection of both the parents is vital here. For example, you should not take the hound for breeding which has not shown enough talent in hunting. On the other hand, appropriate selection of female parent is also very important because she nourishes the babies even when they are within womb, or when they need to be milked, or they need affection. So, it is very important to consider the current physical condition along with medical history, etc.

The ideal season of beagle birth is of course March and April. During these months, warm breezes are just approached while the harshness of winter is diminished. The pleasant weather is perfect for the baby beagles to play outside which is most crucial part to their development.

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