Monday, April 21, 2008

Effective Acne Treatment and Skin Care

If you are a teen or just approaching to your teenage, possibilities are quite high that you have some acne over different areas of your body including face. In fact, nearly 17 million individuals in the United States are suffering from acne problem. Acne is a specific type of skin condition that refers to the formation of different types of bumps including whiteheads, blackheads, red bumps or pimples, pus bumps or cyst. It is indeed a frustrating condition to have acne all over the skin area; sometimes it becomes so severe that it may lead to permanent scarring. So an effective acne treatment skin care is necessary if someone has acne.


Isotretinoin comes in the brand name of Accutane. This medication is particularly used severe acne treatment skin care. In fact, it is used only when the individual is not responding to other acne treatment and skin care medications. However, this medication comes with its several side effects which may vary from person to person. You should follow some precautions while you undergo this type of acne treatment and skin care such as not to share the medicine with others, not giving blood while using this medication, not to do waxing or other cosmetic procedure to even out the skin texture, not to have vitamin A pills and few others. Additionally, you should also consult to the doctor if you have a family history with diabetes, asthma, heart problem, liver disease or depression.

Topical Acne Medication

Acne treatment and skin care with topical acne medication is possible if you give yourself pretty enough time to follow simple guidelines. Use the medication as directed by your dermatologist. It will not only increase the effectiveness of the treatment, but also reduce the risk of potential side effects. You should use benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics and topical retinoid to the intact acne-prone area, not just over the blemishes. You must avoid scrubbing or rubbing the affected area with alcohol and any sorts of astringents, masks and toners. Remember, no medication can solve your problem overnight. So give the topical acne medication enough time to see the desired output, say about 4 to 6 months of regular use or directed otherwise.

It is the good skin care that plays a leading role in treating acne. If you are able to follow few skin care guidelines, it can improve the treatment output dramatically.

Important Skin Care Tips during Acne Treatment

If you pop, squeeze or pick up acne, you are simply making the acne condition worse by allowing inflammation to spread. Contrary to the common belief, medical researchers confirmed acne is not caused as a result of poor hygiene. Hence, no scrubbing is necessary if you have acne, do a gentle wash of your face two times a day with mild cleanser. When you are buying cosmetics, you must ensure that you are using 'noncomedogenic' products only. Oily hair, airborne grease, non-cotton clothes (sporting clothes) may aggravate your acne. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Allow the medications as well as acne products enough time to work effectively over your skin.

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