Monday, April 21, 2008

The Blue Light Acne Treatment

The Blue Light acne treatment is also referred to as Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator. The proponents of Blue Light acne treatment claim that it is all safe and natural without any adverse side effects and it can offer you an effective management for your acne problem for a very long period of time. In this treatment, a very special type of blue light is used. This light has the ability to destroy the P.acnes bacteria from the skin. The duration of the treatment may continue for five weeks or little more depending on the condition. The Blue Light acne treatment is found to be effective for treating people with mild to moderate acne.

Blue Light Can Destroy Acne Bacteria

As declared by American Academy of Dermatology, blue light is able to intervene directly the root of the acne eruptions, which is P.acnes. The blue light draws off tiny molecules referred to as porphyrins. Porphyrins, when exposed to blue light, can produce free radicals which can, in turn, destroy bacteria. As P.acne is destroyed, acne clears up smoothly. Additionally, David Olszewski, the co-author of the best seller collection 'Light Years Ahead', asserts that the healing power of the skin accelerates 200% faster when it is exposed to the red light. So, the most effective light therapy for acne must combine both Blue Light acne treatment and Red Light therapy for skin healing.

Potential Benefits

In combination with Red Light therapy for skin healing, Blue Light acne treatment offers several benefits. First of all, it is cent percent natural and non-invasive. As the light therapies do not require any sort of drug administration, so it is free from any adverse medicinal side effects. Red Light therapy and Blue Light acne treatment are safe for all ages. Both of the therapies are free from any pain sensation or discomfort. If you are willing to undergo Red Light skin healing and Blue Light acne treatment, you can either go for expert's chamber or you may self-administer it with expert's guidance. There is no down-time associated in either of these therapies.

Light Therapy and FDA

In August, 2002, the Food and Drug Administration has approved light therapy for treating acne problem. The first line of approval goes with ClearLight which is available via dermatologists. In this Blue Light acne treatment, individuals with mild to less severe acne are exposed to a blue light source for nearly 15minutes. The session runs for twice per week for one month. Each session may cost around $50 to $150 depending on the severity of the acne problem. The full course treatment may cost in average of $800. However, light therapy is not insurable, as it is categorized under 'cosmetic' section.

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