Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beware of Carpet Cleaning Scams Common among Few Carpet Cleaning Companies

Similar to any other companies, a few numbers of carpet cleaning companies belong to the group of bad companies. Admitted, majority of carpet cleaning companies are doing their business with honesty, but for some of them honesty is not the primary outlook. The later group tries to scam their customers. In this article, we will discuss about the common carpet cleaning scams that these carpet cleaning companies usually attempt to make. By reading this article, you can certainly make an informed choice, while making yourself free from possible scams.

Entice and Switch

This is one of the classic scams that carpet cleaning companies make. In this scam, customers are tempted in with an extremely low priced option. Most commonly you have seen advertisements in your local newspaper that some carpet cleaning companies offer their service as less as at USD 5 per room, which is virtually an unreasonable price at which no business can make any profit. But in majority of the cases, these companies do not depart your house at such price. They then adapt few scamming techniques to raise the bill, once you become captured into their hand.

Preconditioning Trick

Preconditioning trick is one of the commonest modes to increase the bill. The majority of legitimate carpet cleaning companies usually include this in their pricing, yet the scenario is quite opposing for the scammer companies. Odds are there that the scammer companies clean the room at the rate of USD 5 per room, but they have all the possibilities to add the additional USD 25 per square foot just to meet up the costs in preconditioning. If you refuse to do preconditioning, chances are likely you will end up either poor quality finishing or rush job.

Additional Room Trick

Some carpet cleaning companies raise their bills by additional room charges. When you are using a coupon, you need to read its fine print thoroughly. Some carpet cleaning companies simply claim for additional charges over a particular size of room, say over 100 square feet of carpet area, which is virtually impossible to limit in actual situation. This implies the typical sized room will be considered as double room under this scheme. So, virtually you are paying more to these scammer companies.

Protection Trick

Many carpet cleaning companies tender protection services at a quite reasonable price. In fact, this service usually does not come under entice and switch, if the company does not need to adapt high pressure tricks to survive in their business. This type of company usually informs their customers that the carpet will be damaged if they do not apply the carpet protectors. Although carpet protector is simply great to extend the quality life of the carpet, it is not a mandatory option for the carpet. Beware.

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