Thursday, April 24, 2008

About Carpet Cleaning Products

If you visit to supermarket, it is quite unlikely if you have missed watching the shelves consisting of different carpet cleaning products. While some of the carpet cleaning products are for general purposes, some for specific reasons. The products for carpet cleaning may range from shampoo to spray and so on. In fact, many people prefer to use shampoos and spot cleaners. So, these two belong to the category of major carpet cleaning products. In this article, we will shed light on various carpet cleaning products available in the marketplace.


Shampoos are one of most commonly used carpet cleaning products. However, if you have messed up while using these products, you must use hot water extraction immediately. In fact, it happens too frequently for people who are not handling carpet cleaning job professionally. So, it may happen to you if you are trying to clean your carpets, while not having enough expertise. Apart from this reason, many people prefer to use shampoo and hot water extraction to clean extremely dirty carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Similar to shampoo, Bonnet cleaning specifically includes a spongy pad, referred to as bonnet, which is connected to the bottom portion of a rotary machine. This is one of the most widely used carpet cleaning products for cleaning and maintaining commercial places. During the application of the product, detergent solution or shampoos is squirted and rotary pad is applied to stir up and confiscate the dust shelved the detergent solution away from the carpet. If both of the sides of the carpet become dirty, the rotary pad can be reinstated and shortly unsoiled.

Stain Repellent

Stain repellent is one of the most commonly used carpet cleaning products. It is used to remove the stains created by coffee, alcohol or other water / oil based products. If you use it without any professional help, you better read the instructions thoroughly before applying the same on the carpet. Since it contains many harmful chemicals and strong odor which can be eventually uncomfortable for the body, you must care to protective gear to defend against these chemicals at the time you are handling such carpet cleaning products.

Dry Powder

Many people prefer using dry carpet cleaning products over solvents. Quite obviously, dry powder is one of the most excellent choices for them. Similar to carpet cleaning solutions, dry powder is effective in removing deep down dirt and offer an elegant finishing. Odds are there when you are using solutions, it may leave soap residue in the carpet, which may eventually bring new dirt. However, this is not common with dry powder products. So many people like to use dry powder for their carpet cleaning purpose.

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