Monday, October 22, 2007

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruffs are actually dead scalp cells that come out in the form of flakes. This is a common problem and is quite prevalent in the entire world population. Dandruffs can turn into a serious problem as it may lead to secondary complications like acne or rashes over the skin. Dandruff is the most widely accepted cause for hair loss. It decreases the quality of hair. Dandruff may cause itching sensation that may eventually leads to the development of secondary complications such as bacterial or fungal infections.

Dandruffs may be caused due to hereditary problem. That is, it may be carried over through successive generations. Sometimes, not having adequate nutritious food or intense dependency over junk food may cause dandruffs. Environmental pollution may also contribute to the development of dandruffs. Intense dryness of the scalp or oily condition as well may cause the problem. Inadequate rinsing after doing shampoo is also responsible for experiencing dandruffs. In addition to this, improper and over use of hair colouring products and hair curlers may heighten the risk for experiencing dandruffs. There are psychological factors as well such as stress, anxiety and tension that may contribute to the problem.
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