Wednesday, October 3, 2007

After a long time...

Ok, I am back to my own virtual space. Yes, after 9 days long :( I was terribly busy with my works and couldn't manage a single moment for my baby. This is really bad, I know.

Today, I am little free. This is the time when I am actually waiting for my assignments to come (probably at night). Right now, I am enjoying my online writing work with two wonderful fellows. Both of them are really nice and kind to me.

I never thought that I can make a U turn to writing once again, especially after being cheated with USD $468 by some f***** a********. I curse him whenever I get the time to do so. I know God must punish him back one day. I am waiting for the ideal time to come.

Today, I just come back to share one wonderful thing. After a real long time (say more than 2 years) I met with my little sister. Honestly, I haven't met yet, she sent me 'add request' through yahoo messenger, but soon we will meet. She is from Romania. Love you little sis! :) We have lots of things to share.

No more today. I am coming soon with lots of words.

Till then, ta ta


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