Thursday, October 4, 2007

How Durain smells?

Very contradictory. Or you may say, one of the most debatable paradoxes of the century. Some one just loves this taste and compares like, ‘custard’, ‘almond’, ‘cream cheese’, ‘sherry wine’, ‘ice-cream’, ‘banana’ etc, whereas, some points like, ‘unwashed socks’, ‘rotten fish’, ‘carrion on custard’, ‘decayed onion’, ‘garlic’, for example. Yes, this is one of the most fascinating puzzles in fruit-lover’s court to be sure.

This is not a controversy among common people, but it always was a very sensational issue and discussable topic for well-known personalities also. The famous 19th century naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, commented after he ate his first durian in Borneo, “A rich, butter-like custard highly flavored with almonds, but intermingled with wafts of flavor that call to mind cream cheese, onion sauce, brown sherry and other incongruities. The more you eat of it, the less you feel inclined to stop." It may signify one point clearly, that the more you eat, the more you learn about the taste, the more you will be identified with, the more you enjoy. So try, may be you will write a whole story about the rich taste of durian in a very near future, who knows!

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