Monday, November 12, 2007

Media Management

The term ‘Media Management’ explains and analyses how the media plays an important role to present any issue considering each single authentic point of view which is both error-free and avoid high borne from rumors and fear.

Though press being a great influencer in media sometimes doesn’t play its role properly in true sense, they do create conflict by publicize inflammatory messages among the mass without taking into consideration the long-term aspect and hence by significantly endangering the situation, which sometimes even go beyond to control.

While considering the scenario of advanced countries like USA and UK, which have freedom of the press traditions, it is very important to build up more positive relationship with the media to encourage in covering story or news in a more constructive way by keeping the long-term impact in mind and also reporting should be done without any bias whatsoever, and without any influence to modify the truth.

Originally published in on 24th September, 2006 19:58

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