Sunday, November 11, 2007

Establishing Personal Relationship

It is always very encouraging to build up personal relationship, as it has a great impact to individual level as well as society level also. By establishing personal relationship one can be free from stereotype bias. It helps to lessen prejudices. Also it helps to build up a good knowledge-base depending on the community to interact with. By making personal relationship, one can understand the others positive qualities even if it was surrounded before by vague concepts and negative resolutions. And nonetheless to say, it can improve the political as well as social policy of a country as it helps to change in attitude and building mutual relationships.

Apart from building personal relationship in individual level, a broader level for building personal relation has to be encouraged. It can be done through citizen exchanges, dialogues, joint projects, sporting events and any other positive and cooperative opportunities that can bring people together under one shade by inspiring the notion of unity and oneness.

Originally published in on 24th September, 2006 19:59

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