Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long Live Blogsvertise!!!

Thank you Blogsvertise for giving me my first opprotunity to review a website. Well, being an online writer I reviewed so many things in my professional career, but this is for the first time I did this through my own journal entry in my own personal blog.

Wow! I just loved it!!!

After submitting my journal entry, I was little anxious whether the review will be accepted by the advertiser or not! But, oh my God... it IS accepted and Blogsvertise also paid the amount in my a/c (though I need to wait for 30 days more to make the payout).

Well, the payment is very little, because my blog is not so old. But I fall in love with Blogsvertise, really. Because they kept their promise. They assigned me topic to cover, and also so early following the registration. Great! And secondly and most importantly, they are the one who offer their opportunity in most simplest fashion. Very easy to follow their rules and it can easily be set up by novice blogger like me.

Thank you Blogsvertise.

Keep it up always.

With lotzzz of love,


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