Monday, September 17, 2007

Google Analytics - Analyse visitors of your site

As I told you earlier, I am very new to the world of blogging, even newer to paid blogging. Still I don't have much idea about free blog promotion (and of course any suggestion regarding free blog promotion will be highly appreciated), blog marketing and any other related stuffs.

Once I tried to register my blog with smorty, one of the most respectable online company offering paid blogging opportunity to bloggers, but unfortunately it is refused by them because of low Google page rank. :( In fact, I have only zero (0) Google PR.

I was very sad and depressed by that time. Eventually, I was trying to put keyword like "Google Analytic". Don't know why, but it came in my mind all of a sudden. And wow! wonderful! It IS there, not in the name of 'Google Analytic', but 'Google Analytics'.

Google Analytics is an wonderful feature that Google offers to all of its users. All you need to have a gmail account. Great! you have it! Then just do not wait, go to Google Analytics page, login using your gmail account ID and password. Put your website name or blog name to register with it.

Now let the fun begin. Once you registered you will get all the detail report about your blog/website, like how many visitors came to your blog / website/ from where they came, how long they stay, what network connection they have used, and many more. Do iy now to see in your eyes.
You know I just checked my blog again with Google Analytics - and Wow!!! You know what! It's showing that so many visitors have come from different countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and Bangladesh! May be the number of visitors are very very less, but you know I am very excited!!!

I like it really. Don't you?

If you like it, you are free to share it here at my blog. I would love to read it and share it with the world.

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