Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lets talk about dandelions...

Certainly you can eat dandelions. Not just eat, but you can make such recepies with dandelions that can definitely bring a gourmet’s crown for you. But before going to any easy but interesting and tasty recipe, let’s have a little closer look on dandelion. Dandelion (scientific name: Taraxacum asteraceae), is basically a large genus of flowering plant, which is considered as weed by many gardeners, whereas, the fact says that it has a great contribution in the field of cooking and medicine. Dandelion leaves can be used in soup or salad, and flowers are used for preparing wine.

Now, here is a less time-consuming but very delicious recipe of dandelion, called Dandelion on Cream. Check it out.


• ¾ lb fresh dandelion leaves
• 2 small cup of water
• 3-4 green chili (little-fried)
• 2 red chili (little-fried)
• 2 tbsp flour
• 1½ tbsp butter
• 1 cup white cream
• salt to taste
• pepper to taste

Put neatly washed and well-chopped dandelion leaves into a mixing pan, add water and salt and allow it to boil for some time at low heat. Add butter in another mixing pan and let it gets hot so that it can melt out properly. Now add the flour into it and make a smooth paste. Add some salt to taste. Now mix the chilies, both red and green, with it. Now add the cream with it and mix it properly. Add the boiled dandelions with this mixture. Mix well and reheat if necessary. Serve it with meat in a large bowl, and don’t forget to add some more cream on it to give it real snowy look.

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