Monday, October 15, 2007

Lets talk about daikon...

The daikon is basically a variety of radish. The size is huge and it is mild-flavored in nature. Daikon is very popular in Japan and an essential part of Japanese cuisine. You can simmer it and serve it alone. Or you may use it grated as an add-ons in soup. You can also mix daikon along with Soya sauce in Japanese hamburgers to make it more delicious. It is quite obvious when you taste sushi, a very famous Japanese cuisine made of vinegary rice; you surely never forget to add some takuan with it. So you should know that daikon plays a significant role in the preparation of takuan. Kaiware, daikon radish sprouts, contain a hot-peppery flavor, which is simply a lovely addition to any kind of sandwiches, salads or stir-fishes.

If you love to taste daikon pickle at your home, there is a wonderful recipe for you to go ahead. It won’t kill much of your precious time, but in return give you a really hot-n-delicious yummy item, and it will be hard for you to resist your watery tongue, trust me! So take some chopped daikon along with some red chili in a mixing bowl and toss them for some time, add some salt to it to taste. Cover it and put it in refrigerator and watch water releasing from it. Take it after 30 minutes and drain all the waters and make it as dry as possible. Put it in the mixing bowl once again and stir it with vinegar, black pepper and sesame oil for some time. Refrigerate again for 12 hours. And the rest…well, leave the rest on your watery tongue!

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