Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How suicide can be prevented?

Suicide is one of the threatening problem of 21st century, though it is not exclusively related on time and space. Though common myth says those who declare to commit suicide hardly do so, whereas research proves just the opposite. So don’t take any suicide threat lightly, even if it seems so. Research regarding suicide prevention suggests following three steps that may be helpful on this aspect –

1) Accurate assessment of the individual’s risk for suicidal behavior and identify the most threatening risk factors;

2) Help to resolve the immediate crisis that involves any of the most threatening factors identified; and

3) Provide treatment to help persons at risk for suicide recover by conveying positive message and inspirational words as well as help the person to identify the potentiality lies within.

The most obvious thing to say about these steps is “It’s easier said than done”, as the mental status of the persons at risk for committing suicide often are not readily identified, and their depression plays a significant role in blocking their mental structure for a given time, resulting their unwillingness to improvise their own condition, both at emotional and cognitive level.

Originally published in Blurtit.com on 24th September, 2006 20:09

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