Monday, October 8, 2007

Dim Sum

Dim sum, a Cantonese term which implies “order to one’s heart content”, is a light Chinese dish which is taken as a meal served along with Chinese tea during morning to afternoon. It usually contains meat, vegetables, seafood and fruit. There are many dim sum specialized restaurants which offers dishes of steamed green vegetables, roasted meats and soups as options, whereas vegetarian options are also on the stake.

Travelers in interconnected series of routes traversed by caravan, called silk route, were fond of having tea after finishing their work in the afternoon. As they found that tea can assist in digestion of food, the teahouse owner of these silk route started adding variety of snacks with tea, and this is how the dim sum developed.

Along with varieties offered by many specialized restaurants, dim sum is available in grocery shops in most countries with Chinese population. This dim sum is prepared as ‘ready-to-cook’ or as ‘ready-to-bake’ at home.

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