Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Demerara - the best cooking sugar

The name Demerara sugar came from its motherland Demerara which is very famous for natural production of this sugar. Demerara is an organic name of specialty raw cane sugar, which is usually a common substance in home baking and sweetening of coffee or tea. It normally comes brown in colour, rich-flavoured sweetener, has long been enjoyed in Europe. It is also used to make yummy toppers on cookies, cakes and desserts.

Some of the sugar experts truly believe that using Demerara sugar can be considered as an essential ingredient to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Its astounding smell with its rich, pure, shinning golden color and subtle but an active, luxurious aroma fulfills all coffee-lover’s heart and mind, including logic if we look into the nutritional information which says all essential natural mineral and vitamin content are present. So obviously it is a better choice and a more healthful substitute for ordinary table sugar.

Originally published in Blurtit.com on 23rd September, 2006 03:10

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