Thursday, April 24, 2008

Voyager: The Smart LG Cell Phone

Generally speaking, Voyager, the smart LG cell phone is an excellent combination of beauty and technology. It offers a wide range of ground-breaking services and features. The touch screen in this beautiful LG cell phone is a landmark of fascinating technology. Had it launched prior to the mid of 2007, the Voyager probably holds the crown for the best designed LG cell phone even today. Let us explore few basic features of this great LG cell phone.

The Touch Screen

The touch screen of Voyager is not only like a button, but it looks better than a button. The designers have shown their true excellence while crafting this LG cell phone model. The touch screen is not only a symbol of elegance, but also it is a brilliant composition of user-friendliness. It is available at $300 with a Verizon indenture for two year, a fair deal indeed. Additionally, it is more wallet-friendly compared to several iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Treos.

When you push the external touch screen of Voyager, measuring approximately 3" crossways, it offers a mild vibrating sensation to your finger. This sensation is a product of the VibeTouch Technology, which offers you the same sensation that you receive from any other keyboard or keypad. Although it is an insignificant factor compared to other features, this little contribution matters a lot to overall craft.

Simple QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard installed in this LG cell phone is very user-friendly. In addition, a mini-mouse is also attached. This gives an excellent scrolling and clicking feature with improved navigation. Keyboard is an outstanding alternative especially for beginners, who may feel quite uncomfortable while using the touch screen solely. For them, figuring out the exact location over the screen may seem to be a daunting task most of the times.

On the other hand, navigating with the help of keyboard is pretty easier and quicker. You can use keyboard to open the phone in a simple fashion. Additionally, it is easier to use inner keyboard to navigate between the non-touchable screen areas. Furthermore, the use of keyboard can smooth out the experience of scrolling options and accessing from one page to another. Certainly, touch screen facilitates an easier connection to the web, but keyboard and inner screen are good for typing compared to the virtual keyboard facility, enabled with touch screen option.

Other Useful Features

The Voyager LG cell phone is operated with the help of Verizon's fastest data network, which enables its user to download data at the speed of a cable network. However, the default browser setting only enables its users to view a specific portion of the webpage, not the entire one. In order to see the entire page, you need to make an effort with the help of the tiny scrolling bars. The text downloading time is relatively very less, however, graphics take time.

This LG cell phone comes with a 2mega-pixel camera along with a music player, which supports different formats like mp3, wmv and aac. You can also download songs from the site of Verizon at the price of $2. Voyager also synchronizes with Verizon's V Cast mobile TV service, which associated with eight channels, including ESPN, CBS, and Comedy Central. Additionally, this hi-tech LG cell phone offers driving directions as well as location-dependent information.

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