Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Haired Chihuahua: The Smallest Beauty

Chihuahua is the universally accepted smallest breed. It is very among people from different background. The recent trend suggests an increasing celebrity ownership for this special type of dog. There are different views about the actual origin of Chihuahua. While many researchers argue that it was the gift from Aztec royalty and then brought to United States through Mexico by the Spanish settlers, some others believe ancient Egypt was the original root of Chihuahua and then it made its journey to Mexico, and then Spain.

Long haired Chihuahua has a significant similarity with Pomeranian because of their smooth undercoat with a long overcoat. The hair of this dog is known as 'Long Coats' or 'Smooth Coats', as specified by American Kennel Club (AKC). They look very cute with their lovely big eyes, apple-shaped head and fringed ears. A standard Chihuahua may have the height of 6-9 inches. However, the show dogs have lesser weight than those dogs not groomed for show purpose. Shows dogs have a weight around 6 pounds or less, however, ordinary pet dogs may have 10 pounds or more.

The personality and temperament of long haired Chihuahua is as same as short haired Chihuahua. Both of them are loved for their sweet nature and jovial personality. They are very alert type of dog and possess a barking aptitude whenever they face any stranger. They can be an excellent companion for the elderly and disabled individuals. Friendliness and socialization are their primary skills that make them so adorable to everyone. However, they are also known for their high-strung nature, hence sometimes it becomes really tough to train them.

Chihuahua, both short and long haired, is not recommended for child's play, although they belong to 'Toy Dog' group. They are simply nice for adults with their sensitive companionship. But their fragile bone structure and small size can lead to experience potential injury to them, if they are handled badly. This may occur with little children. With their strong socialization skills they can make friends with other animals such as cats and dogs from other breeds.

Both short and long haired Chihuahua can not tolerate too cool temperature. They need to wear coats or sweater to feel comfort during winter and spring seasons. Like any other long haired breeds, long haired Chihuahua needs proper grooming and utmost care. If the dog does not receive proper grooming and care, its hair will be filled with knots, mats and burs and the hair will lose its shiny stunning looks. Long haired Chihuahua may get affected with ticks and hitchhikers, so these also need to be removed with proper care. Monthly bathing with residue-free shampoo is essential.

Long hair is the recessive property of the gene, so it is compulsory that both the partners should be long haired Chihuahua. In fact, only selecting high quality partners can ensure having high quality offspring with stunning textures. Professional breeders keep well-maintained records for each and every breed to ascertain the quality of the offspring. A well-documented long haired Chihuahua always deserves high price.

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