Thursday, April 24, 2008

Investing Money in Used Camping Gear: Is It a Wise Decision?

No camping trip is possible without camping gear – we all know this fact, however, not all the time our pockets can give us green signal to expense on various gears available in the marketplace. In such cases, we may turn our focus on used camping gear. When you are buying used camping gear, it can help you in saving a huge amount of money. So depending on used ones can be a perfect option for those who are on tight budget.

When you buy used camping gear, you just need to be sure of that you are buying the right ones. If you are on your first camping trip, buying used camping gear can offer you several benefits and flexibilities, since you reject the gear without bothering about the high prices spent over it. However, like any buying, when you buy used camping gear, it offers you advantages and disadvantages. Let us explore both ends.


The primary advantage of buying used camping gear is of course its price. Most of the times, you have to pay really less for a high quality camping gear, once used. There are many people around who buy gear, use it only for few times and then sell it. Since camping is not a mere leisure activity, many people simply can not continue camping activity after a couple of camping trips, they sell their gears, once bought, at a very lesser price. So, if you can make a good deal, you can actually end up buying branded products at a very low price.

There are some circumstances when buying used camping gear is really worthy. When your child is going for a boy scouts for the first time, or if you are going for a camping trip for the first time, you don’t know whether you are going to like it or not, so buying used camping gear at lesser price can be a wise decision. In such case, if you like camping trip, you may spend money later and buy a new and branded gear for your next camping trip.


The most common disadvantage is of course quality. Not everyone sells their stuff simply because they couldn’t find the reason to use them. Many times people sell their product because they find it as not good enough. So, if you like to buy used camping gear, you should know the difference between good stuff and bad stuff, which is very unlikely in the case of a beginner. In such a case, you may avoid spending hundreds of dollar on new stuffs, but couldn’t become possibly able to avoid buying bad quality stuffs on the other hand. So, think twice, be wise, before you buy.

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