Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Homemade Vitamin C Serum for Skin Care

In recent days, many women do care buying vitamin C serum for their intensive skin care. Since vitamin C serum has the power to rejuvenate the skin, for many women it has become the daily and essential need. If you care for having a glowing, wrinkle free skin, you may definitely consider buying vitamin C serum for your skin in order to have a thorough and gentle, however, effective skin care. Before making vitamin C serum at home, let us explore few benefits.

Potential Benefits

Vitamin C serum is believed to have the capacity for reversing the aging process, by breaking through the skin surface and offering the cells the required energy to revitalize and to get repaired, which becomes visible with the outer healthy glow. This serum also offers protection against environmental damages caused by sunlight, pollutants or harmful chemicals on one hand, it smoothes all the visible symptoms of aging like wrinkles and non-elasticity.

Many experts recommend using vitamin C serum on a daily basis since they prevent the cellular damages caused by ultra-violet rays. This type of cellular damage not only heightens the risk for premature aging, but also increases the possibility to develop cancer. It has been shown that 10% concentration of vitamin C can offer excellent benefit in stimulating collage and decreasing wrinkles. Additionally, it also lightens the darkness of pigmentation.

Here we will discuss how to make 10% of vitamin C serum at home. Obviously preparing this serum at home has some added advantages such as great savings, fresh, not oxidized for sure, etc. After you prepare, you can store the serum in your refrigerator for further use, however, it is better if you make it in small amount, so that you could be able to apply it fresh, active and un-oxidized over your skin area.

Important Precautions

Since the ingredients are active. The preparation we are going to discuss about will contain relatively low degree of pH, however, for some individuals it may turn to act like an irritant. If you find same in your case, you better try using quarter concentration in order to initiate. You must give this concentration a try since you find your skin is getting accustomed with it. Then increase the concentration slowly. For tingling sensation, wash off without delay.

Essential Ingredients

This homemade recipe to prepare vitamin C serum is divided into two parts, so are their essential ingredients. These two parts are (1) active ingredient and (2) base ingredient. Vitamin C serum prepared by active ingredient is meant to offer stimulation of collagen, reduction in wrinkles, prevention against sun and environmental damages. The active ingredient includes 1.0-1.2 gm vitamin C. This active ingredient should be L-ascorbic acid, however, not any sort of tablets.

For the base part, the required ingredients are 1 teaspoon glycerin and 1 teaspoon water.


First take a small-sized distilled glass container and pour the L-ascorbic acid and water to dissolve. You may use a distilled stirrer to make the process faster. You just need to make it sure that the substance has become fully dissolved within the water. Now mix the glycerin in it. After that, put the mixture in a non-transparent glass in order to maintain gradation of vitamin C. Store the mixture in any dry cool place. You are ready with your own homemade fresh serum.

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