Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Holistic Effect of Aromatherapy Air Freshener on Health

Aromatherapy air freshener is not an individual product only, but it is a common ingredient in a wide variety of products such as candles, laundry detergents, spray, skin care lotions, baby shampoos and many others. Lavender, Cucumber, Citrus and Chamomile are the most commonly used fragrances for aromatherapy air freshener. Let us explore few interesting facts regarding the effects of aromatherapy air freshener on our overall health system.

There are a wide range of benefits of aromatherapy air freshener. It affects our health system in a holistic fashion, influencing both our mental and physical health. When you use an aromatherapy air freshener in your room, it will certainly uplift your mood, giving you a boosting effect. Studies have shown that using aromatherapy freshener for less than 15days can significantly minimize depression and anxiety in an individual.

Effect on Mood

A regular use of aromatherapy air freshener and essential oil can significantly influence mood related disorders. Since aroma helps in reducing anxiety and depression, it can offer benefit to the individuals suffering from bipolar mood disorder. Different studies have shown that a combination of medication and aromatherapy products can effectively cure many symptoms of mood disorder.

Effect on Stress

As stated above, aromatherapy air freshener can offer you the best alternative solution for reducing stress and anxiety. Lavender, chamomile and sandalwood are mostly used for formulating aromatherapy air freshener used exclusively for the purpose of stress management. Apart from that, you may use aromatherapy air freshener formulated with ingredients like bergamot, lemon, pine, since it can help you stay active and alert.

Effect on Skin

Although you can not visualize the benefit only after one or two applications, a sincere and prolonged use of aromatherapy product can certainly draw obvious benefits. If you use aromatherapy air freshener for a prolonged period of time, it will make your skin glowing ever than before. This has a very simple explanation. Since a continuous exposure to aromatherapy products can bring an improved health system, your skin texture reflects inner health.

Therapeutic Effect during Driving

You can use aromatherapy air freshener in your car while you drive. It can help you to stay alert and active on one hand, while calm and relax at the other. All you need to keep the air freshener bottle in the front of the glass. The rest of the job will be done by the therapeutic fragrance; you do not need to bother about it. However, you will feel energized and active while you drive. Use lavender or peppermint flavor if you feel exhausted as a result of motion sickness.

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