Thursday, April 24, 2008

Difference between Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

There is a significant difference between carpet and upholstery cleaning. While you can try cleaning carpet at home, but upholstery cleaning always needs professional help. Apart from spot removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning is quite different. There are wide varieties of products used for carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance.

Methods used for carpet cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery both are very frequently used for decorating the households or the business areas but there are some clear differences between the carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques. The carpets are being cleaned with numbers of processes which are applied rapidly. Steam or the technique of hot water extraction is the main process among them all. Dry cleaning and shampoo are the two others methods which have some uses also. Some of the well accepted carpet cleaning solutions is mentioned in this occasion.

Hot Water Extraction Method of Cleaning

The methods used for carpet and upholstery cleaning are not the same in manner. Carpet cleaning is done by the rapid use of dry powders, dry foams, shampoos and bonnets with the most effective method of hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the most accessible method used by a huge percentage under the blue sky. In this method either the cleaning company would bring a mini unit to your resident for cleaning the carpet at home or the company will bring a 'truck mount' for carrying the carpet to their warehouse.

In this method the cleaning process is done by the use of high heat and great vacuum process. A solution is used for cleaning the carpet gently and allowed it to reside thoroughly. Then the carpet is sponged down with water as well as the rinsing solution. In the method of hot water extraction the drying time of the cleaned carpet is approximately between four to six hours.

Shampoo and the Carpet Cleaning System

Shampoo is another instrument for cleaning the carpets. In this cleaning system of the carpets a solution is taken and applied to the floor coverings and frantic. The cleaning solution then captivated the soil and after this step the carpet has been taken for drying it. When the cleaner became fragile and easy broken then the fibers are broken out and the entire carpet body became unsoiled or dirt free during the whole body is nurtured by the vacuum cleaner. This carpet cleaning procedure with shampoo is also recognized as Encapsulation. The average time for drying the carpet during Encapsulation is approximately 1 to 3 hours.

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