Thursday, April 24, 2008

Common Health Issues of Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise, a cute loving dog, usually lives 16 years or even longer. Although these dogs have more or less a good health, they are not absolutely free from turmoil. In this article, we will sort out some common Bichon Frise health problems, which you will find useful if you are having a Bichon Frise at your home. Admitted that prevention is always better than cure, but some health problems can not be simply avoided with preventive measures.

Major Bichon Frise health problems may include skin and allergy, dental, bladder infections and gallbladder stone, eye disorders, and ear infections. Additionally, Bichon Frise may experience other common health problems such as hip problems, degenerative disorders, aging, cancer, heart complications, and many others. Hence, if you assume that your Bichon Frise is having health problems, you should not delay contacting a good veterinarian. Don’t doctor your dog, since it is subject to great potential risk for your dog.

If you are not aware of the Bichon Frise health problems on time, you may probably end up with great financial loss and your dog, needless to say, with enormous pain and discomfort. The primary symptom that you may encounter when your dog is not in good state is to watch it chewing, licking or scratching a great amount of time. Similar to many other white dogs, Bichon Frise is subject to skin allergy problems, which may occur due to a wide variety of reasons like chemical exposure, fleas, or other allergens and irritants.

Dental care is another common health concern for Bichon Frise. Health problems of Bichon Frise may arise significantly from this part. Although many people prefer to obtain different ways to keep the dental space in shape, brushing the teeth of Bichon Frise is highly recommended. It is not a good idea to use human toothbrush for cleaning up the teeth of the Bichon Frise, you should buy dog toothbrush along with the toothpaste from the pet shop. Many expert veterinarians suggest that brushing teeth is the ideal way to keep the excess medical bills for the dog at bay.

In fact, dental problems can turn out worse if not taken seriously. It may eventually lead to other Bichon Frise health problems including bladder, kidney and liver infections. Well, not only because of teeth problems, but the Bichon Frise may experience bladder and kidney problems from other reasons as well. These dogs may experience two types of stones problem in bladder. One of the types can be cured simply by altering the diet; however, the other needs surgical intervention. In most of the cases, it needs a great deal of attention with thorough monitoring once the dog has developed stones.

Bichon Frise health problems may also include ear and eye problems. Eye problems can be cataracts, tear staining and others. The ear problem can be marked with a bad odor. Other important Bichon Frise health problems may include the patella problem. It may occur due to various reasons like little or no exercise, or carrying too much weight or heredity. So it is important to know the family history of the Bichon Frise at the time of buying the puppy. Think wise before you make your decision to buy. Always consider buying from well-known and reputable breeder.

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