Thursday, April 24, 2008

Camping World: The American Store

Camping World is an American store specializing in camping supplies. This privately owned company is located at Bowling Green, Kentucky. It has 70 branches throughout the U.S. In addition, it also entertains their customers through virtual services. According to their claim, Camping World is the largest trader of RV parts and equipments. A majority of campers in the United States simply do not miss their shopping experience with Camping World, and find it as the most endearing choice to meet their shopping needs for camping.

The Early Days

In the year 1966, Camping World launched as a small store at Beech Bend Park. This park is an amusement park, which is used as a popular camping site. The son of the owner of the park, Mr. David Garvin, took an attempt to open the store equipped with various camping supplies and gears. With his strong marketing ability, Mr. Garvin helped the company to flourish as time went by. During 1997, the company was handed over to Affinity Group, Inc., the current owners of Camping World.

Current Features

With their several advanced features, both offline and online, Camping World has now become nation's largest supplier for camping needs. In their website, they have featured their products in different categories. If you prefer to buy online, you can see their wide range of products covering each and every single component of a camping. Since camping is truly an individualized experience, no matter what you have planned for your camping, you need the guidance and assistance of Camping World in order to make it an exclusive one.

Outdoor Store

In their outdoor store section, the company features different products like RV steps, RV mats and ladders, RV accessories, outdoor chairs and tables, RV patio decorations, RV screen and shades, Coleman RV products, RV awning, racing gear, tailgating gear, pet supplies, and marine products. In Camping World, they actually care every single thing that you might need during your camping experience, for instance, pet carriers to carry your dog to flotation cushion for your marine needs.

Camping Accessories

Camping World offers a huge supply of products that you need for any of your outdoor activities. If you have planned for a campfire, Camping World offers it exclusively for you. If you are worried about insect control at the camping spot, you can also avail it from a wide range of supplies. Apart from that, you can always choose from outdoor cooking appliances, tents and shades, campsite occupied signs, first aid kit, wireless atomic weather station and many more. All you need to plan an excellent and exclusive camping experience; you must make a visit at Camping World to shape your dream into a reality.

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