Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

The most common carpet cleaning methods employed by carpet cleaners are steam, dry cleaning and shampoo. No matter what type of cleaning methods is chosen, but the best carpet cleaning methods depend on the expertise and experience of the cleaner. Since every method has its own pros and cons, so there is no definition of the best carpet cleaning methods as such. When you hire professional cleaners, it is their expertise and dedication that leave your carpet dirt free, no matter what carpet cleaning methods they have employed. Let us explores three different carpet cleaning methods, best one is the one which you find most suitable to your needs and offer you best outcome in a cost-benefit analysis.

Steam Cleaning

This is also known as hot water extraction method. This is one of the best known carpet cleaning methods used in the carpet cleaning industry. While using this technique, the carpet cleaners usually bring a portable unit at your place. Otherwise, they may also bring a big steaming machine mounted on the van. Although these two options are great, but many company prefer to use truck-mount machine since it provides better support for heat and vacuum. In addition, carpet cleaning solution is also employed to the rug and allocated it to settle over there. It is then washed up with clean water. Sometimes, carpet cleaning professionals also use rising solution for the purpose of washing up the solution.

Dry Cleaning

Many carpet cleaners consider the dry cleaning method as one of the best carpet cleaning methods since it has minimum risk for soap residue. In the dry cleaning method, the cleaners apply dry but slightly moist powder over the stained area of the carpet and let it agitate. After some time, the powder is vacuumed up. It is then cleaned up the dirt along with. In recent days, the focus has been shifted towards using organic powder without any synthetic content in it. Many standard carpet cleaners use organic cleaning powders. Apart from that, dry foam method is also used as a substitute for shampoo cleaning, one of the best carpet cleaning methods used both professionally and non-professionally.

Shampoo Cleaning

As its name implies, in this method shampoo type carpet cleaning solution is applied and the area is allowed to become agitated. The cleaning solution soaks up the dirt from the carpet and the solution is left there to dry. As soon as the cleaning solution becomes dry, it turns into brittle form and becomes separated from the fibers of the carpet. So it can be easily removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Shampoo cleaning method is a widely used method that an amateur can also employ for the cleaning purpose. This method is also referred to as encapsulation. Usually it takes one to three hours for drying up.

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