Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Benefits of Liquid Vitamin C

Many researchers term vitamin C as a multipurpose health supplement that affects almost all parts of our body and keeps us strong, fit and healthy. Considering from the technological aspect, medicine industry is now growing, so is true with the vitamin processing sector. The latest trend of vitamin processing sector is the development of liquid vitamin. In this article, we will discuss about the potential benefits associated with liquid vitamin C.

Ease of Use

Similar to the other types of liquid vitamins, liquid vitamin C is easy to consume. This is one of the most favorable points marked with any liquid vitamins such as liquid vitamin C. For many individuals, it becomes a concern when time comes to swallow the large sized vitamin C tablet. For them, liquid vitamin C is definitely a wise solution to the problem. In addition, liquid vitamin C is available in different flavors, so you may choose according to your preference.

Easy to Absorb

This is another advantage associated with any liquid vitamins, and liquid vitamin C is no exception. Our body can easily absorb liquid vitamins compared to the tablets or capsules. This is mainly because of the fact that the vitamins are not broken down for the purpose of getting absorbed. Quite obviously, since the absorption process is so fast, the effectiveness is definitely faster.

Higher Concentration
Similar to any other liquid vitamins, the liquid vitamin C also comes in higher concentration of nutrients in each volume compared to the traditional medicines. In fact, they have nearly 3-5 times more concentration compared to the tablets or capsules. This, in turn, aids in higher degree of bio-activity and an increased level of wellness benefits. Additionally, liquid vitamins including liquid vitamin C facilitates the best option to get required nutrients and minerals, hence strengthening the immune system better.


Although there are several advantages of liquid vitamins, there is a major drawback associated with the intake of liquid vitamins. So is true with liquid vitamin C. Since only a limited amount of vitamin contents are actually absorbed and over 90% of the content are destroyed during the digestive procedure in the stomach, a very little amount of liquid vitamin content is allowed to enter into intestines, where it is actually absorbed.

However, researchers are continuously working in this field in order to ensure the maximum benefits received from liquid vitamins. More studies are actually needed in order to find out the solution to overcome the drawbacks so that the benefits of liquid vitamin can be enjoyed with its maximum potential.

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