Friday, February 1, 2008

Spanish Holiday Destinations

Visiting Spain is a great experience to all travelers and adventure lovers. With its rich colossal tradition and astounding natural surroundings, you will find each and every moment as precious as getting a diamond gift from your loved ones. The places like Marbella, Torremolinos, Benidorm and Sitges Barcelona are one of the most popular holiday destinations, preferred by a wide number of people around the world., located at London, offers you an excellent travel experience with luxury housing with discounted rate, flexible and suitable to your budget needs. When you are traveling with, you can be rest assured for a great experience for family members with lots of music, quality foods, fabulous entertainment and superb nightlife, but everything is at competitive rate although.

Marbella, a resort town, is a favorite tourist spot for rich and famous people around the world. Additionally, the town which defines 'A Way of Life', is preferred by ordinary folks who are ready to pay little extra to take the fragrance of this colossal landscape. During your visit at Marbella, you must not wish to explore these places – Old Town, Orange Square, Bonsai Museum, Art Gallery located at Jose Palomo Square, Roman Villa, Roman Baths, Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, Seafront Beaches, Marbella Mosque, Puerto Banus Marina, Flea and Antique Market, which is opened during Saturdays only and last but not the least, the surrounding landscape. Marbella is such a beauty spot over the green earth that no golf player probably would like to miss visiting in his life time. Additionally, Marbella promotes a wide selection of nightlife with exclusive musical experience in Golden Mile to La Notte Piano Bar, Tony Dalli's Ristorante Italiano to EI CafĂ© de Banus, and many more.

When you are experiencing your journey with, you will enjoy the benefits of three stars, four stars and five stars Costa Del Sol Marbella Hotels. All of their Costa Del Sol Marbella Hotels are fully equipped with a wide number of up-to-the-minute amenities. Truly, you can experience all the luxurious arrangements like private garage, 24 hours customer care, swimming pool, cafeteria, bar, high quality foods, entertainment and many more. Literally, almost all Costa Del Sol Marbella Hotels have a wide selection of living apartments with private pools and quality villas, all in affordable rates, simply appropriate to meet the need of a great family destination. Moreover, all the Costa Del Sol Marbella Hotels offered by is located in either the in the prime location or you can easily access by bus. You may note that Marbella is very close to A7 autovia airport.


Torremolinos, situated between Mijas Mountains and Malaga Bay, has been developed as an example of attraction with appeal. It is marked for its clean sandy beaches, supreme diversity of entertainment, excellent and dynamic nightlife, wide selection of food pubs and hotels. This town has a rich old heritage, which is still reflected with various native fresh fish counters situated directly at the shopping malls, bizarrely lined up with elite gift and boutique stores. Torremolinos is more popular for its shopping experience, where it blends the past heritage with present experimentation. The beach location of Torremolinos is like another face of the coin. It is packed with wide number of hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants. Paseo Maritimo, the seafront walkway, provides an enjoyable sea view with charming picturesque. EI Calvario is not so known to the ordinary visitors. It offers a quieter space with an abundance of bars residing in the small streets.

With their wide selection of Costa Del Sol Torremolinos Hotels, assists you in experience a great time during your stay at Torremolinos. offers more than twenty Costa Del Sol Torremolinos Hotels, ranging from one star to five stars, which you can choose according to your budget and personal preference. Most of their three and four stars Costa Del Sol Torremolinos Hotels are just a short away distance from the beach. These hotels are packed up with dazzling nightlife, bars, all modern amenities like TV, AC, SAT, phone and internet, high quality special menu, public terrace, gym, living area and many more. On the other hand, you can also take the benefit of two stars and one star Costa Del Sol Torremolinos Hotels offered by if you are on budget. EI Velero Apartment is one of them, which is located at the centre of the town, from where you can easily access all the bars, shopping places and restaurants. No matter what is your budget, let allow to take all your travel and accommodation needs, so that you can keep the pleasant memory of your staying at Torremolinos forever.

Benidorm is one of the major attractions of Costa Blanca. It is situated near to Alicante. Benidorm is particularly a favorite tourist spot for British and Irish people. Casco Antiguo is the old city centre of Benidorm. There are various uncovered beauties in the air of Benidorm, which are not so popular as museums or similar attractions. So in most of the cases average visitors miss out those places, however, these are certainly worthy to get visitor's attention. One of them is Mediterranean Balcony. From this place, you can easily view the segmented parts of the villages. Mundomar Park is another excellent attraction, for which you do not really bother about going for an expensive cruise experience, while you can explore the integral beauty of marine life to talkative parrots of deep tropical forest. On the other hand, when you are going to Aqualandia Water Park, it could be an everlasting experience for you and your family. This park is packed up with a wide variety of water activities, which all of your family members must enjoy. Not only that, Benidorm offers a rich and impressive nightlife experience to its visitors throughout the year. With a great concentration of nightclubs and bars, Benidorm wakes up at 9 in the night and stay alert till it touches the golden sun in the east sky.

When you are planning to explore the mysterious beauty of Benidorm, can solve your all budgetary needs with their flexible and affordable rates, which you can enjoy only when you book with from their wide selection of Benidorm hotels, ranging from one star to five stars. All of these Benidorm hotels offered by are fully equipped with all of your budgetary needs. The three stars, four stars and five stars Benidorm Hotels include all modern facilities, designed with best value furnishings. No matter what is your purpose for the tour, whether you are visiting Benidorm for individual, family, honeymoon or business purpose, a wide selection of Benidorm Hotels offered by can offer you the very best. Apart from that, has arrangement for low budget needs in Poniente Beach area as well.


Sitges is a beautiful town located 35Km South to Barcelona. The city, primarily known for its stunning carnival experiences, has a unique appeal to its visitors with a warm and nice weather and mysterious nightlife. During your visit to Barcelona, if you would like to spend some quality times in a beach town, Sitges probably has no better alternative. Many travel agents also arrange one-day excursion program to Sitges from Barcelona as well. Platja de St Sebastian is one of the most popular tourist spot. It is located in the northeast of Cau Ferrat museum.

If you plan to visit Sitges, Barcelona, can offer you a whole host of flexible and affordable options, no matter what is your actual budget need. In their Sitges Barcelona Hotels, visitors can enjoy your peacefully while viewing sea zephyr atmosphere. Packed with excellent foods and all possible fitness activities like gym, sauna bath, medical care are integral features of these Sitges Barcelona hotels offered by Additionally, has excellent options to meet average and low budgetary need in the residential areas.

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