Saturday, November 24, 2007

Money Making Online

Many people ask me, "How do I manage my living?" It is mainly because most of the time they find me sitting before my laptop and typing something. I try to explain them what I exactly do, however, not all the time it becomes so easy to explain, especially those who DO NOT want to come out from their traditional concept of their 'living' management.

But the opposite is also true. Although the trend of making money online is quite appealing to young generation, the mature people also reveal their true willingness. Many of them ask me "What are the different ways of money making online?" It is not like something I am an expert about, but well I am fascinated to excel every moment in this virtual world. Truly, my entire living is solely dependent on my online earning, nothing else.

When it comes to money making ideas online, many people love to talk about affiliate marketing. Honestly, I have very few ideas about it. In fact, I didn't try it much, although seen on different websites how successfully it runs. I somehow believe this is not for me. Or may be I haven't yet found my Affliate Marketing Guru.

Actually, my journey in this money making online was started with academic writing. Before that I didn't have much idea about it. By that time, I was desparate about earning money and believe me, I was always a risk-taker. I love to take risks. I was absolutely reluctant to adopt conventional mode of earning and all I wanted is something new to talk about my near and dear ones.

I got an offer from an individual after I applied for a job published in This is the brilliant site I have ever seen. Loads and loads of online writing jobs are available in this site. Too good to believe! This was the point from which my journey to the online money making initiated. Let me brief my experiences in the form of different online money making ideas. Here we go.

Content Writing:

Content writing is an excellent money making idea in today's world. Internet is still exploring and many websites are developing each day. So opportunity is simply enormous. Here are few websites which you can consider for your search:

These three websites do not directly give you job. In these websites, you can find links to other sites, organizations or individuals who are interested to find job seekers. Plenty of great information you are about to get from these websites. Intentionally, I am not giving the names of those websites which directly offer you jobs. Because it is your drive that will take you there, if you really have it in you.

Expert Counseling:

This sounds quite unusual to many people. However, it's somehow a new concept in the virtual world based on the same rule. There are many sites where you can register yourself as an expert counselor depending on your expertise. If you believe you have psychic ability, you can enlist your name as a psychic counselor (nonetheless to say, I never tried this option for me :D). Otherwise, you can enlist your name as an expert counselor in the field you are specialized in. Additionally, you can also register yourself as a virtual teacher. Indeed, it's a lovely option.

Web and Graphic Designing

Just like content producers, the demand for web and graphic designers is also increasing day by day. If you have talent and required expertise in website or graphic design you can make money online simply by providing your service as a web and graphic designer. In the modern era of globalization, it is truly an excellent offer for talented people living in developing countries. The payments are really lucrative. However, the job needs creative talent and ability to meet tough deadline.

Virtual Assistance & Data Entry

This is another wonderful opportunity to make money online. If you have experience about accounting or administration job along with data entry experience, this can benefit you a lot. Even if you do not have experience, you can crack it as a fresher. According to some company’s norm, you may need to undergo for certain certification program, however, many companies take online test before enrolling you into their job opportunities. But I strongly recommend you to do thorough research before applying for virtual assistance or data entry job. In fact, there are several illegitimate companies all around. Never pay anyone on the face of earth to get a job. They are simply useless.

Paid Survey and Paid Email

You can count on paid surveys and paid emails in your free time, but you can not choose them as a mode for living even if the companies who are offering these types of job opportunities claim so. In paid survey opportunities, you need to express your opinion in a survey sent to you depending on your background, educational qualification, personal interests, and few other factors. On the other hand, paid emails are such types of emails which will consist of paid links. You have to click on the paid links and follow the instructions given out there to add money in your account. Both of these methods are very slow and time consuming while the return is not so satisfactory.

Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs

Google AdSense is a great program to earn money by placing ads on your website. If you have a website or blog which gets regular hits from tons of visitors and you have outstanding content in your website or blog, there is a great possibility to make handsome amount of money using Google AdSense. Affiliate programs enable you to earn money with selling or referring products to potential buyers. In order to participate in affiliate programs, you need not to have own website or blog, in fact, all you need is to a good database of potential buyer, a good knowledge of the product or concept you opt to sell and good marketing skills. Practically, people participating in positive social networking can do well in affiliate marketing.

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