Thursday, October 25, 2007

Italy – the world of beauty with aristocracy

Trevi Fountain, one of the most adorable tourist attractions located in the rione of Trevi, holds the honor of especially interesting legend of coin throwing. It was fabricated by the great architect Salvi in 1735 and decorated with the help of several talents from Bernini’s school.

Trevi Fountain

Duomo of Milan

Duomo stands for cathedral church. It is a generic Italian term. Most probably, Milan Cathedral is known as the best duomo, however, there are various well-known duomos such as Saint Giovanni duomo in Rome, duomo in Naples, and many others.

Perhaps the travel seems incomplete if someone visits Rome, but never seen the magnificent Coliseum. It accommodates 55,000 seating arrangements in the form of vast amphitheatre. Built in 72A.D, this glorious structure consists of 80 entrances. Some Coliseum lovers claim it to be the ultimate travel spot in the world. offers good value hotels in Italy. You can enjoy the excellence in service in many ways. Their price may start from as less as EUR 35 even in a last minute offer.


Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel, built between 1475 and 1483, reveals the combination of art and authentic beauty. It measures 13.41 meters wide and 40.93 meters long. Visit there to become the witness of wonderful creations of Michelangelo. He painted the 12 Apostles and several ornaments on the ceiling between 1508 and 1512. It had been further designed by different talents artists during 15th century.

Vatican City is an independent state and consists of non-hereditary, elected monarchy governed by the Bishop of Rome – the Pope. The Pope is the official head of the City. The current Pope is Benedict XVI, who was appointed on 11th September, 2006.

Vatican City

If you visit Rome, you must visit these places; otherwise your vacation will be incomplete. You can take the benefit of making your stay more comfortable in Rome, if you count on for selecting hotels for you. They offer luxurious hotels in Rome in affordable price range.

Romancing at the side of the canals of Venice is a lifetime experience. Imagine a situation when you and your beloved are sailing through the canal on a moonlit night and soft music is playing in the background…Isn’t it wonderful? In Venice you can see 150 canals creating the streets. Everyone has to travel either by foot or boat. There are 400 pedestrian bridges connecting the small islands of Venice.

Canals of Venice

Teatro La Fenice is an example of gorgeous Italian architecture. It is located in Venice, Italy and considered as one of the most popular theatres around the whole world. This opera has burned two times and been rebuilt again.

La Fenice

Palazzo grassi

Palazzo grassi is the white marbel palace located on the Grand Canal of Venice. The designer of this exquisite structure was Giorgio Massari. It was built between 1748 and 1772. It consists of a 600 seat outdoor theatre.

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