Thursday, September 20, 2007

Type A and Type B personality

Research suggests the role of personality factors strongly influence in the occurrence of heart disease. According to Friedman and Rosenman (1959), “those individuals who are hard working, aggressive, working under pressure and achievement-oriented were most likely to develop coronary problems; these behaviors are described as coronary-prone behavior pattern and labeled as Type A personality. In contrast, the individuals who are easy going, sociable and relaxed were described as less prone to heart disease and labeled as Type B personality”.

It is the task-related behavior and productivity and success in job that makes the dominion of Type A – Type B personality pattern so interesting to researchers. In general, it is common that the Type A individuals work hard with or without an explicit deadline is set, but Type Bs burn up extra effort only when a deadline is set. Type A individuals are more responsive to positive incentive and complain less about hard work. Usually, Type As see themselves as the cause of negative outcomes, while Type Bs blame the external situation.
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